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Pricing & Payments

At Herries St Dental we try to provide our quality dental treatment at affordable prices. We do require payment on the day for most procedures, and offer payment plans for orthodontic treatments.

Health Funds

We have a preferred provider arrangement with Medibank, HCF and Westfund which will mean that people with those funds should expect to have checkups and professional cleans done twice a year with no out of pocket expense. All other health funds are welcome, but there may be a gap payable.

There are pros and cons to health funds and you need to consider your specific needs before considering obtaining dental extras cover. If you would like more information the Australian Dental Association has some resources.


You can claim on the spot using our HICAPs machines if you have your valid health fund card with you. If you forget your card and don’t have the relevant Health Fund App on your phone, we will ask you to pay the account in full and then claim back from your health fund using your itemised receipt.


If treatment is required, we aim to always provide you with a quote and using our practice software you can also use your health fund card to swipe to show you what your expected out of pocket cost will be. If you have not received a quote and you would like one, please ask.

Payment Plans

For orthodontic patients we usually require a deposit to be paid when the treatment starts. Then we start an in-house payment plan for the balance with monthly payments over the expected treatment time.

Medicare & CDBS

We provide treatment to children aged 2-17 who are eligible for the Medicare Child Benefits Schedule. If eligible you have around $1000 spread over two calendar years available for your child for preventative treatment, filings, root canals and extractions. Orthodontic treatment is not eligible. You need to provide your valid Medicare card and our front office staff can confirm your eligibility and your current remaining balance.

Department of Veteran Affairs

Patients who have a DVA gold card can be treated with no out of pocket expenses at Herries St. There are a wide range of treatments covered. Please advise our front office staff before your appointment if you hold one of these cards.


All of our clinicians are experienced. This means they have seen changes in how dentistry is delivered over time and they have had to change with it. All our clinicians strive to stay up to date with the changes in technology in dentistry through our commitment to continuing education. Not all changes need to be implemented straight away and neither should they be done for the sake of them. We prefer to ensure that the technology is clinically proven to make our patients’ experiences and outcomes better and more efficient, ideally without adding more costs to our patients. Some of the examples of technology at our practice include computerisation of records, SMS notifications for appointments, digital x-rays requiring reduced radiation, rotary endodontic treatment with conservative file shapes (root canals), intraoral scanning for restorative solutions and dental appliances and there are always constant advancements in dental adhesives and materials to keep up to date with as well.

Our Trusted Specialists

It is so important to have a group of trusted dental specialists to rely on when our patient’s need specific care. We are very fortunate as the majority of our patients are able to see most of these highly skilled professionals locally. Some specialists may require you to travel to Brisbane for appointments. Dental specialists include oral and maxillofacial surgeons who remove difficult teeth such as wisdom teeth and place implants, periodontists who treat and stabilise periodontal (gum disease), manage problematic gum issues and also place implants, endodontists who provide root canals, oral medicine specialists who help with diagnosis and management of problematic mouth conditions and pathology, orthodontists who treat dental crowding and malocclusions, paediatric dentists who treat children, dental radiologists who interpret dental x-rays and prosthodontists who provide complex restorative and occlusion solutions. We also refer to dental technicians or prosthetists who are not technically specialists but they are very experienced in the art and science of constructing full and partial dentures which can restore function and appearance to those people missing multiple teeth.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us. We aim to only gather information that is needed and relevant. We do need to update this information regularly and we appreciate your cooperation when completing regular medical history updates. Please see this link to our Practice Privacy Policy and also to our Practice software privacy policy for more information.

Community Involvement

We try to support our community in various ways, as it has been kind to us.

Riding for the Disabled

We sponsor the care of a horse called Domino for the Riding for the Disabled Program in Toowoomba. This program allows people with a disability to experience the power of a connection with these beautiful animals under the tutelage of local volunteers.


We support Lifeflight through its annual Gala Ball fundraiser and the donation of raffle prizes. Lifeflight is an essential service for people living in the bush and always needs more support.


Both Steven and Gina have children at local schools. Steven has visited a local Kindy during Dental Health week for the last couple of years. Donations of raffle prizes are another way we try to contribute to the local schools.


We recently sponsored our laboratory assistant Belinda in the annual Miles for Marcia MND bike ride fundraiser which is a cause close to our hearts with several of our patients’ loved ones having been taken by this terrible condition.

Accredited Dental Practice

We are a voluntarily accredited dental practice. Accreditation provides assurance for ourselves and our patients about the quality and performance of our practice.

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Australian Dental Association

All our dentists are proud members of the Australian Dental Association. Visit the national or state ADAQ website to find the most respected resources regarding dental care in Australia.

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